Flexibility, Yoga Training & Ergonomic Postural Advice

4.50 Formal Learning Hours
Craig Liebenson

“Flexibility, Yoga Training and Ergonomic Postural Advice DVD”contains three parts: Yoga and Respiration, Ergonomics and Posture, and Flexibility and Yoga.

Yoga and Respiration focuses on respiration, the foundation for all exercise.It teaches how to combat shallow breathing that comes from work-related stress. The Ergonomics and Posture section, provides information on how to manage the stress of working in an office environment and how to overcome the postural effects arising from extended sitting. Flexibility and Yoga focuses on good breathing techniques and perfect posture. The signature of this DVD is its emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing. Alongside proper breathing advice, awareness of functionally centrated postures is emphasized in all movements. Workstation ergonomics, postural micro-breaks, and spine sparing hip hinge techniques are all described. Finally, rather than simply show stretches for a myriad of muscles functional dynamic, release techniques are shown for the most common stiff regions - the hip and mid-thoracic spine.

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