The Lumbar Spine

7.00 Formal Learning Hours
  • Explanatory notes
  • 4 x DVDs on the topic:  “The Lumbar Spine” presented by David de la Harpe & Lindsay Rowe
  • Accompanying notes
  • 1 x Question sheet

You will be updated, educated and entertained by Drs. David de la Harpe and Lindsay Rowe as they co-present The Lumbar Spine. Over the last few years both speakers have presented internationally at major medical and chiropractic meetings and bring a unique blend of knowledge, clinical skills and diagnostic interpretive insights that confront clinicians of all disciplines. This unique experience of inviting Australia’s foremost orthopaedic spinal surgeon and radiologist, both with qualifications in chiropractic, to speak has taken us many years to organise. 

Dr. de la Harpe, orthopaedic spinal surgeon, provides great clinical tips for assessing and managing lumbar spine disorders. He also discusses what lumbar spine cases should be referred to a surgeon and what to look for in a spinal specialist when referring a patient.

Dr. Rowe, Associate Professor in Radiology and Senior Staff Specialist Radiologist, begins with an analysis of diagnostic imaging modalities commonly used that are applicable to chiropractic practice. Following this, he explores the various lumbar spine syndromes, including those masquerading as lumbar spine disorders, and finally by way of individual chiropractic case studies, develops a blueprint for incorporating contemporary imaging into the clinical setting so as to improve patient outcomes.

Please note: The sound quality on this distance education module is variable.

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