Mobilisation & Relaxation Techniques for the Extremities

8.00 Formal Learning Hours
Prof. Karel Lewit & Dr. Alena Kobesova
  • Explanatory notes
  • 3 x DVDs on the topics:
    1. “The Upper Extremities – Part 1”
    2. “The Upper Extremities – Part 2”
    3. “The Lower Extremities”
  • Accompanying Booklets
  • 1 x Question sheet

Karel Lewit is one of the co-founders of the Prague School of manual Medicine and Rehabilitation, an internationally renowned neurologist and an authority on manual medicine. This three - part DVD set presents a comprehensive approach to mobilisation and relaxation techniques for the extremities including self-treatment. Each DVD is accompanied by the complete text with photographs of all mobilisation and relaxation techniques. 

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