8.50 Formal Learning Hours
Prof. Lorimer Moseley

Most chronic pain patients are stuck in a medical system based on an outdated understanding of pain and pain management. Because of this, they often don’t get the proper diagnosis or treatment that takes into

account the multiple systems and factors that make up the pain.

Professor Lorimer Moseley is one of the top clinical researchers of pain, and has dedicated his life to understanding why things hurt, why they keep hurting, and how we can better prevent and manage chronic pain. He has sought to develop evidence-based treatments that work in the real world, and that target the real cause of pain and factor in the multiple factors involved.

In his presentation, Pain, Lorimer will provide you with a current stateof-the-art, scientifically backed, straight-forward science on how pain works. You’ll learn what you need to know and do to manage it, and how to help your patients recover normal function.

In this 140-minute DVD, Lorimer will explore—

• The traditional yet erroneous understanding of pain

• How pain actually works: the concept of neurotags that integrate the last 50 years of experimental and clinical pain research

• The cortical body matrix theory: a model for understanding research from the last 5-10 years on chronic pain disorders

• and much more

Lorimer has authored or co-authored three books on pain, and published more than 140 journal articles on the subject. In this presentation, he takes complex, cutting-edge scientific information and translates it into an easy-to-understand, coherent framework for practitioners who work with people suffering from pain. You’ll walk away from this presentation with a modern understanding of how pain works, the factors that make up pain. You’ll learn strategies and frameworks to build better treatments to help get your patients back to normal and free of pain.